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Tips to Protect Your Business

Risk Management

There are many risks that are associated with gyms and fitness centers. Below are a few suggestions to help you prevent losses at your facility:

Facility and Outside the Facility

Maintain clean, dry floors free from obstacles – especially in winter – have a regular maintenance schedule for entry way and locker rooms.  Should include maintenance logs. Post slippery when wet signs when washing floors or maintaining entranceway when snow/water is tracked in.  Maintain entranceway to your business, have salt ready for employees to put down easily.

Equipment, Locker Rooms, and Bathrooms

Clean and sanitize equipment, locker rooms and bathrooms regularly – viruses can spread quickly, and no business owner wants to discover that their business was site zero for a local outbreak of norovirus. Also maintain logs. Make sure a staff member is present in the locker room or conducts a security check at regular intervals.

Inspect all machines regularly for loose or frayed cables or other damage.

Make sure to post instructions on proper weight lifting techniques to help prevent injuries in the free weight area. Mention the injury potential of not having a spotter.

When there are showers in the locker room, there is a risk of a slip and fall accident. Check the drainage of all shower areas along with walkways between showers and other facilities.


Staff should be first aid and CPR certified – your customers are there to challenge themselves physically, and this could lead to accidents or injuries.  Make sure you have staff on hand who are trained and prepared to respond.  Also hold update/refresher training annually.


Make sure to purchase coverage to protect your cyber data. You may have all your members’ information in your system including their banking information, names, and birth dates. If you have a cyber breach, all of your customers’ information is at risk of being stolen.

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